History Of The Project

Eating food outside at the roadside eateries is considered to be highly unhealthy and spending money on restaurants is on the other hand a pricey affair. Hence, both of these options are not feasible enough to opt out for on a daily basis. Today’s generation, especially the office goers need to eat food that is healthy and affordable.

Grab a Meal

We understand your lunch hour needs and thereby design our menu accordingly. The best part about ordering meals from us is that we offer you with Daily Rotating Meals. We hate boredom and do not believe in cooking the same meals every day. We surprise you daily with a new menu that is both healthy and tasty. We bring your food that is freshly cooked and timely delivered.

Plan your own party meal

Almost every office group parties a lot and usually they throw bashes at the nearby restaurants which turn out to be quite an expensive affair. At the restaurants, they have to pay excessively for the food but the choices of variants are quite less in number. At Besstoo, neither will you have to worry about the prices nor will you have to worry about the choices of variants. By ordering at Besstoo, you will get to enjoy the best cuisines that are cooked by some of the best chefs in town. You do not have to worry about the quality and the quantity as we take care of everything.

Enriching Home-Bakery Section

Have you checked out our Home Bakery Section? At Besstoo, we take absolute pride in delighting our customers with a myriad of options from where you can select your favorite cakes, chocolates and muffins.

Why you order from Besstoo?

Our daily-rotating menus & authentic cuisines make us one of the best in the business. Tired of ordering the same meal every day? You do not have to repeat your menus as we let you gorge on ever-so-changing delectable cuisines on a regular basis.
Our subscription models have been designed to ensure the delivery of healthy food to offices bang on time. Besstoo tends to capitalize its focus on health and this is what makes all its meals more appealing and delicious.
We believe that eating unhealthy food can be detrimental to an employee’s health and this is why we strive to extend our hand towards the corporate houses so that we get to deliver food that is healthy to all the employees working for the corporate houses. A MOU is signed with the companies and we make sure to put all our focus into delivering food that is highly enriched with nutrients and also easy on the wallet.
Hey! We are there on your Play Store as well. Order your food online & enjoy the best of the goodness of deliciously prepared healthy meals.

Astounding Combo of Culinary Skills & Technical Experts

No Need to worry anymore! A group of reputed chefs with more than 30 years of experiences have come up with this unique idea of serving home-cooked meals to those who are longing to eat hygienic yet tasty delicacies. Besstoo is an astounding combination of chefs who strive to deliver food straight from the kitchen and an efficient management team that concentrates on the technical stuff.
Besstoo, is altogether a brand new concept that delivers healthy meals in air tight packages and also at reasonable prices. You get to eat fresh daily and that too cooked by renowned chefs.