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"Amazing food, a regular customer, Besstoo is always amazing with their food and the food quality is just awesome."

-Saili, (JustDail)


"In the afternoon I decided to go outside to feel better. And on my way back from Manicktala after meeting a friend from school suddenly after so many years, I was happy I often express my happiness with a plate full of foods. Opened Zomato and ordered Thakurbarir Mutton Polao and Fish Fry from Besstoo. Thakurbarir Mutton Polao Ample amount of Misti Basanti polao garnished with cashews and raisins served with Mutton Kosha(3 medium pieces) I found it one of the best Basanti Polao I ever had!" ​

-Malobika Nag, (Event catering services)


"On a rainy Sunday afternoon, we got some delicious food delivered from Besstoo.. It is located in Kakurgachi and is one of the best delivery and takeaway joints in the area." ​

-Ritwika Maitra (888 Followers)


"Being a Doctor 👨;⚕️ I can say they are making the most healthy food. The food is served clean with less oil and requisite spices. I would highly recommend to everyone if you are looking for good clean n tasty food for once or daily then go for Besstoo ! They are really the Best !" ​

-Dr. Somenath Maitra (24 Followers)


"They serve really good quality food. Mosty I got a so far good packaging from besstoo. The foods are really home like and they also serve a variety of foods at a very reasonable price. They come with really refreshing beverages." ​ ​

-Sagnick Biswas (1360 Followers)


"First time order from this restaurant. Their food quantity and quality is so good in taste. They deliver with a suppress of one packet of pass pass and food is also piping hot." ​ ​

-Partha Mondal(326 Followers)


"Since the day I ordered from this place , this has been my favorite place. This place serves biriyani , and fulfilling thalis. I ordered their niramish thali which includes rice/roti, dal, bhaja, one sabji, pander/dhokar..." ​ ​

-Manisha Das (388 Followers)


"Besstoo is really good restaurant.Bestsoo is one of my good restaurant.I ordered many times thali in this restaurant.Thia restaurant serve good quality food." ​ -Rupam Das (464 Followers) ​ ​

-Rupam Das (464 Followers)


"First class service got from this caterer Besstoo Facilities Pvt. Ltd., Beleghata for some Event purpose, They charged me 6000 for the service. I have ordered 40 members Non-Vegetarian food which they have delivered was delicious. They have delivered the food on time. Contented with the service from this Catering Service. the food provided by them was very fresh and very nutritious, Happy with their excellent service." ​

-Suvalina Saha, (Event catering services)

Know Your Chef

Chef Chandra's tantalizing culinary journey spans across ten destinations, multiple countries. With a drive to constantly strive for more, Chef Chandra has transformed the shape of cuisine and cooking altogether through a glitzy career of over 25 years to date. Since his arrival to the city of joy, Chef Chandra has been the Executive Chef where he has been curating culinary concepts and ensuring that the city's one of the finest iconic landmark debuts with a culinary experience like no other.